5 Copywriting Tips For Newbies

September 13, 2017 | By Admin

These days, it would be a mistake to underestimate the power of great Copywriting.

The right content can do wonders for businesses. From engaging with customers to communicating a brand's vision in just a couple of words, Copywriting has become a top priority for several companies.

So, what should you do/know if you're looking to start as a Copywriter? Keep reading to find out!

5 Copywriting Tips For Newbies

1) Study

First things first, similar to most occupations out there, you need to study what other Copywriters are doing, what works and what could be improved.

You could find a couple of mentors to get inspired by (never copy - pun intended), learning a few things in the process.

Doing research will also give you an idea of how much you should charge when you're starting.

2) Know Who You're Writing For

When you get hired for Copywriting projects, you need to understand not only your clients but their audience.

Use words they would use in conversations, write keeping in mind what their interests are.

When you write specifically for an audience, they're more likely to return to your content because it fits their unique needs.

3) Don't Abuse Keywords

Keywords are important for SEO optimization, but too many of them will only make the content feel stuffed and interrupt the reading flow.

Keep your keywords checked. Include them only when they're relevant in the text. You could also use synonyms and search engines will still process them.

(Learn more about how to find the right keywords here)

4) Make It Short

It's a fact: Long articles and content are, for the most part, overlooked.

Nowadays, readers like clean, concise articles that will tell them what they need to know fastly, so they can keep going with their lives.

When you consider this while writing, you'll make sure that every word counts and will edit things to get your point across faster.

However, shorter content does not equal poorer quality. Keep it interesting!

5) Read, Read, Read!

Want to know the ultimate writing tip? Reading!

Read about Copywriting, about things that entertain you, about anything and everything.

We assure you that, while you're reading, you'll be improving as a writer and adding knowledge to your brain.

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