5 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

September 21, 2017 | By Admin

Trust us: You're missing out if you don't use Email Marketing.

Email has been highly effective in reaching new customers, staying in touch with clients and launching special offers.

Regardless of how much technology has changed, advertising agencies still find this Marketing technique reliable.

However, if you're still wondering why Email Marketing is so important, scroll down to find out.

5 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

1) User Segmentation

You can choose the users you want to reach and when.

Segmentation makes it possible to engage with your customers according to their interests, and where they stand in the Buyer's Journey.

The right message with perfect timing is crucial to generating business opportunities.

2) Web Traffic

Want to increase your web or blog's traffic? Offer subscribers something valuable trough email.

A valuable piece of content can be linked to your web and generate more visits.

Things like free ebooks, tutorials and downloads are options that work very well.

3) Shareables

Emails are likely to be shared by your customers if they find the content interesting or useful.

When people share your emails, you're getting new opportunities, web traffic, and possible customers.

Learn more about what makes an email shareable here.

4) Easy To Produce

Once you have decided what your goals will be, creating the campaign won't take much time.

With some practice, you'll be able to set up a great email in just a couple of hours (or less!)

5) Measurable

Email Marketing offers you detailed analytics and data to know exactly how your campaign did.

Find out how many customers opened your email, who clicked on your offers and who didn't.

This type of data allows you to improve your next campaigns, learning from the things that worked, and the ones that need adjustment.

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