5 Things To Avoid In Web Design

October 24, 2017 | By Admin

Web Design can make or, in the worst case scenario, break a brand. These days, most of your future customers will get to you after they have gone through your website and decided to give you a chance.

It's important for your page to be functional, but it also needs a design that doesn't overwhelm your visitors.

Having a modern, clean design is crucial to keep your page's traffic raising.

Scroll down to find out what you need to avoid in Web Design.

5 Things to avoid in Web Design

1) Complicated layouts

Your web's layout must be as minimal as possible. Having a complicated one would end up confusing visitors, causing a terrible User Experience.

Try to have simple elements that are not trying to overpower each other.

2) Low-Quality Images And Videos

By now, it should be a rule to use high-quality images and videos.

Having pixelated photos or poorly edited clips will immediately harm your brand's visual identity, associating you with unpolished content.

Even if you find yourself having to use stock photos, make sure that everything in your website is well curated.

3) Weak CTAs

Call To Actions are a big part of the website, and they have to be easy to spot.

Make sure that the design places the CTAs appropriately, according to what their use is going to be.

4) Inconsistent Branding

As everything related to your business, your web needs to incorporate your branding elements.

Keeping your colors, logo, fonts, and message will make your visitors get familiar with you from the beginning.

5) Not Enough Whitespace

Whitespace is not only elegant-looking, it is crucial to improving User Experience.

Why? Because it helps visitors relax while scrolling through a page.

The blank spaces between elements give our eyes a rest, making the website more enjoyable as a whole.

(Learn more about whitespace here)

Do you know other Web Design Don'ts? Let us know in the comments!

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