5 Tips For Creating A Strong Visual Identity

October 30, 2017 | By Admin

A strong visual identity is more important than ever nowadays.

Potential customers will likely go to your website and Social Media profiles before purchasing your products, basing their decision on what their first impression is.

Therefore, every detail regarding the visual identity or branding for your business must be cohesive with your mission, aesthetically pleasing and thought out.

By now, you're probably wondering: How do you create a strong visual identity? Read on...

5 Tips For Creating A Strong Visual Branding

1) Find Inspiration

Before you start working on your branding, gather things that inspire you.

Collect fonts, colors or photos you like, using tools like Pinterest or creating a visual board in your office.

Then, go through all the elements to find out exactly what you like about them and what you could use for your brand.

2) Pick Your Colors

Now that you have established what you like, it's time to choose a color palette for your brand.

There are several online color palette generators that you could use, but please keep in mind the Psychology of Colors.

It's important to know which colors are used in your market and to understand your audience before you pick a scheme.

3) Find Your Fonts

Another key element in a visual identity is the fonts. You need to pick a main typographic family and secondary fonts to match your brand's overall vision.

You need to consider your brand's look, the kind of product you're selling, and how the fonts look together.

Learn more about picking the right typographic families here.

4) Create Your Logo

After we make a decision on colors and fonts, the next step is to create a logo.

A logo is what ties your visual identity together, combining all the elements of your brand.

Your logo needs to be unique, instantly recognizable, simple and adaptable to different uses.

You can have different versions of your logo according to what you need them for, but there's got to be the main one that people will connect with your brand.

Creating a logo is very important, so please take your time while making it.

5) Test

Want to know if your branding is strong enough? Just ask.

Get people (preferably not related to your business) to say what they think about your image.

Testing will tell you if you're on the right track or if you need to change something.

Do you have more suggestions? Let us know!

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